What to do before and after a microblading treatment.


What is Microblading

Microblading is a manual permanent make-up technique (semi-permanent), which allows you to recreate the hair in an ultra-realistic way.
A manual instrument is used equipped with disposable in-line microneedles that reproduce the single hair.
Suitable for normal or combination skin, not too oily / impure / porous or sensitive.

What is Microblading + Shading

Both techniques are adopted to have a more complete effect.
Suitable for normal or combination skin, not too oily / impure / porous or sensitive.

What is Powder Brows or Ombre Brows

It is a permanent (semi-permanent) make-up technique giving the delicate effect of a shaded eyeshadow. The dermograph is used, a machine with disposable needles that recreate a delicate nuance. Suitable for all skin types, recommended for sensitive and oily skin or with excessively dilated pores.



The pigments used are bi-resorbable by the body and are deposited in the most superficial layer of the dermis, this allows the color not to change as blue or green (as in the past with artistic tattoo inks). The exact term for all techniques is PERMANENT MAKE UP (PMU). It is permanent as it lasts over a period of time that varies from 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of skin and lifestyle. After this time it remains very faded. If after one or two or more years it is not retouched, your eyebrows will lighten considerably and a trace will remain over the years.


Maintenance is recommended approximately every 6/12 months, sometimes even 2 years. If there is already an old tattoo done in the past in another studio, a consultation is required by sending photos.


For most clients it is painless and they fall asleep during the procedure. Some clients are more sensitive and the procedure is annoying for them, but very bearable.
The session lasts about 2 hours, including consultation and planning.
Two sessions are required. On oily and / or problematic skin even 3 or more sessions, only one session is rarely enough.

Shape and Color

The shape will be chosen following the nature, morphology of the face and the natural hair. The color will be chosen based on the natural hair of the eyebrows (not based on the hair color).

Allowed before the treatment

  1. 24 hours before the procedure

    Do not consume alcohol, coffee or energy drinks, alcohol.

    It is recommended to shampoo before microblading.

  2. 15/20 days before the procedure

    No solarium / intense sun exposure.

  3. 5 weeks before the procedure

    Do not apply chemical peels, laser treatments, AHA peels, botox and forehead fillers. The skin does not have to be in an inflammatory process or in the process of healing and regeneration. 

Not allowed after the treatment

  • 15 days after

    do not wear makeup in the eyebrow area or use cosmetics. no sun lamps and exposures, sea. no sauna no turkish bath

  • 7 days after